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Generic peptides

CRP; Collagen-Related Peptide, Platelet GpVI ligand

With hindsight an unfortunate acronym as this may lead to confusion with C-reactive protein. We have tended to publish work, therefore, using the nomenclature mCRP (denoting monomeric CRP) or more usually in the platelet field, CRP-XL (denoting the crosslinked form). The peptide binds platelet Glycoprotein VI and activates when crosslinked. We can supply mCRP, for you to crosslink yourselves (see Protocols) or CRP-XL, in 1 to 50mg quantity.

Single-strand mass 3293.5 Triple helix mass 9880.5      

GFOGER; integrin alpha2beta1ligand

Has the highest affinity for alpha2beta1 of sequences tested to date. Also binds the other collagen binding integrins, alpha1- alpha10- and alpha11beta1. We can supply GFOGER in 1 to 10mg quantity.

GPC-[GPP]5-GFOGER-[GPP]5-GPC-NH2 Single-strand mass 3704.2      
Triple helix mass 11112.6           

GPP-10, Control peptide

Relatively inert, has low affinity for most targets tested to date, (the exception being the bacterial adhesin, YadA, for which GPP-10 has low but measurable affinity). We can supply GPP-10 in 1 to 10mg quantity.

Single-strand mass 3293.5 Triple helix mass 9880.5